San Luis

San Luis beach

Tired of the lazy tourist in San Andres town? Then San Luis is a good and quiet alternative. The town is tourist focused so don’t worry about your facilities. But the level of tourist in the town is quite low compared to San Andres. The town is located on the east coast and offers beautiful white sand beaches with calm water. Back in the days San Luis was used as a port for the local coconut companies. Coconuts where one of the main exports products of the island and can be found everywhere.

Shipwreck San Luis

Why visit San Luis

First the road to San Luis from San Andres is beautiful; you will drive along the east coast with stunning views over the Caribbean Sea. Arriving in San Luis will immediately give you the laidback ambiance of the Caribbean. It is a small village with not much to do then visit the white sand beach, eating in fine restaurants and enjoying the environment. One of the major attractions in San Luis is scuba diving and snorkeling. Visit the beaches Cocoplum Bay, Jenny Bay and Sound Bay for perfect snorkel conditions with calm crystal clear water. An amazing sight from the beach is the old shipwreck rusting away in the turquoise waters. The picture underneath gives you a sneak preview of the wreck.

Directions to San Luis

Getting to San Luis is easy since you will just have to follow the east road from San Andres almost all the way north. You will pass the town of La Loma when you are halfway; this is a nice stop since you can sightsee this town in around one or two hours. You can also use the public transportation from San Andres that consists of daily busses and boats.


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