The most fun hostels on San Andrés

Hostel San Andrés

Hostels in San Andrés can be found all around the island but mainly in the main city El Centro. Hostels are budget alternatives for hotels and resorts. You will find mostly backpackers and people that take less comfort in fancy luxurious places. The ambiance is laidback and no rush to visit all the tourist places. We have summed up most of the hostels in San Andrés for you, or at least the ones we would stay ourselves.

Hostels around the island

The best places to stay in town are all located near El Centro in the north of San Andrés.

El Viajero San Andrés hostel
El Viajero San Andrés Hostel & Suites; this hostel chain is one of the biggest in the South American continent. It offers hostels in various places around Colombia, Uruguay and Paraguay. The hostel is top notch in service, and is a small cheap hotel actually. You get full facilities like a bar, kitchen, safe deposit box, shuttle bus, nightclub and free WiFi. Prices range from US$ 10-20 a night. Located in El Centro.

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Blue Almond Hostel
Blue Almond Hostel; this hostel is probably the best alternative next to El Viajero Hostel on the Island. The place is much smaller and more laidback. The Hostel offers bike rental, free WiFi and shared facilities. You are located near the shopping center and close to the beach. Only downside of this hostel is that there are no A/C’s but only fans. Located in El Centro.

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Sheylla’s Place II
Sheylla’s Place II; the place you want to go if you visit San Andrés with your family. The hostel is full of harmony and Zen spots. The hostel offers Airport Transfers, book exchange, free Internet access, outdoor terrace and a kitchen. Located in El Centro.

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Posada San Andrés Ultd.
Posada San Andrés Ultd.; A Posada is an Spanish word for Hostel kind of place to stay. Are you looking for a hostel outside El Centro then this is the place to go. Located in the south of San Andrés between tropical vegetation this place is a place of peace and tranquility. You can rent bikes, BBQ, lounge and chill on the outdoor terrace. With the bikes you can get to the less crowded beaches of San Andrés.

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