The best hotels in San Andrés

Hotel San Andrés

Hotels in San Andrés are found all the way over the island but the majority is located in El Centro, San Luis and La Loma. gives indications of around 190 accommodations to stay for the night in San Andrés so you can choose according to your standards. Hotels range from budget 2-3 stars hotels to all-inclusive 4-5 stars hotels on the island.

*****Five star hotels

On the island there are only three five star hotels of which two of them are boutiques. These places to stay offer everything you want on your honeymoon or perfect holiday.

Hotel Royal Decameron Isleno All Inclusive
As the name says the five star hotel offers an all inclusive service, fitness centre, non-motorized water sports, wellness centre, located right on the beach and has an large outdoor swimming pool. The Decameron Hotels is a larger hotel chain that is very successful in Central and South America.

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Casa Harb Hotel Boutigue
Casa Harb Hotel Boutigue  located on the east side of the island this hotel is on the circular road about 10 minutes from El Centro. The elegant Casa Harb Hotel offers perfect facilities to relax. All the rooms are fitted with air conditioning, balcony and free WiFi. The hotel isn’t located on the beach but it is nearby, just take a dip in the beautiful swimming pool.

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****Four stars hotels

Don’t expect prices to be cheap when you are searching for four-star hotels. But you will get the facilities that queens and movie stars use.

Hotel Casablanca
Hotel Casablanca is located directly on the beach and offers swimming pools, restaurants and palm tree gardens.

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Le Castel Blanc Hotel Boutique
Le Castel Blanc Hotel Boutique looks like a huge mansion with features like an outdoor swimming pool, hot tubs, Spa, air-conditioning, rooms with free WiFi and private parking.

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Hotel Decameron Aquarium All Inclusive
Hotel Decameron Aquarium All Inclusive is probably one of the most famous hotels on the island. This hotel offers accommodations that are build in circular architectural buildings that offer every room sea view and a balcony. The hotel offers four restaurants and is located on the beach.

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***Three star hotels

Three star hotels are scattered around the island. We will sum up the best options for you.

GHL hotel Sunrise
GHL hotel Sunrise, this hotel offers huge rooms and free WiFi, it is located near the harbor and offers sea swimming facilities.

Hotel Cocoplum Beach
The best hotel in this class is definitely Hotel Cocoplum Beach. The hotel lies on one of the best beaches of San Andrés. Don’t like the sea just jump in the swimming pool or spa.

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Sunset Hotel
Sunset Hotel is the best alternative for Hotel Cocoplum Beach. The hotel offers a beautiful Spa, swimming pool, free WiFi in every room and Sea views.

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**Two star hotels

We will sum up some of the two star hotels that are located in El Centro and tell you a little bit about their facilities.

Hotel Tower All Inclusive
Hotel Tower All Inclusive is a two star all inclusive hotel that offers free WiFi and air-conditioning, the location is in central San Andrés and only a 5 minute walk from the beach.

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Hotel Caribbean All Inclusive
Hotel Caribbean All Inclusive is located in the shopping area. It is a small hotel that offers an outdoor swimming pool and restaurant. The beach is 5 minutes away by foot.

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Hotel Coral Flower All Inclusive
Hotel Coral Flower All Inclusive is probably the best option in the two star price ranges. You are near the beach and shopping center. Facilities are outdoor swimming pool, free WiFi and tours.

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