Activities in San Andres

Activities in San Andres

San Andres Colombia has so much activities to offer yet it is such a small island. If you are searching for perfect scuba diving spots then you are in the right place! Want to take it easy and lay on the beach and enjoy the sun and crystal clear water, then again you are in the right place. But wait there is much more to do on the island.

Water sports activities in San Andrés

Snorkling La Piscinita San Andrés
Snorkling La Piscinita San Andrés

Probably the best activities you can do is scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters surrounding San Andrés. For a detailed description of the best places to scuba dive we suggest you visit our page about diving on San Andres. Want to mix some snorkeling and beaching then you probably don’t want to miss out on La Piscinita. This place is absolutely the place to be for snorkeling and is locally know as West View not far away from El Cove.

And what about a submarine trip into the deep blue without getting wet feet? Or just cruising around on a boat ride that ends with live music and all you can drink/eat. But probably snorkeling is the thing you want to do on this island since almost every beach has its own top nature pieces and abundant wildlife.

Landmarks and villages

Shipwreck San Andrés
Shipwreck San Andrés

Tired of the beach and fishes? Get ready for some beautiful flora and fauna in the Johnny Cay Natural Regional Park. And what about a visit to a real pirate cave? The famous pirate Captain Henry Morgan has said to bury its treasure in the cave back in the days. Want some culture than a visit to the towns of La Loma or San Luis is not a bad choice for a little day trip. Both towns are old and offer great architecture mixtures and viewpoints. And if you are searching for some nightlife funs don’t worry San Andres has a lot of bars, disco’s and beach parties especially in the main town El Centro!

Where to go/what to do

Scuba diving
La Piscinita
El Acuario
Haynes Cay
Johnny Cay
Cueva de Morgan
Hoyo Soplador


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