El Acuario sandbank

El Acuario
Acuario is a little different then the usual coral reefs since it is a sandbank. The shallow and calm waters surrounding it are crystal clear and full of life, yet again a perfect place to get your snorkel gear! The place offers some facilities like toilets, overpriced restaurants and a snorkel rental. The location of El Acuario is near Haynes Cay that you can find on any map.

Visit Acuario for the beach

Since Acuario is a sandbank the ocean floor isn’t that spectacular as other places around San Andres. Due to coral reef pieces that died a long time ago the sand bank is full of small rocky pieces of coral that can hurt your feet. Bringing water shoes is not such a bad idea. The best thing to do here is just enjoy the sun, beach and local vibe. You can book tours to Acuario from El Centro at any tour operator for a small price. But beware of the weekend since many of the locals visit the sandbank to relax, this can make finding a spot to lay down your beach towels a difficult task. Midweek’s are the best, not much tourist and more fish to enjoy in the water.

El Acuario restaurants

Haynes Cay

Since El Acuario is next to Haynes Cay it can be smart to outrun the tourist on the sandbank El Acuario by walking down the water to Haynes Cay. Don’t worry the water is not that deep and crystal clear. Haynes Cay is less crowded and has a more relaxing ambiance.


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