Hoyo Soplador or blowing hole

Hoyo Soplador

Traveling around San Andres is very easy because of the public busses and abundant available bikes and golf carts for rent. The circular road brings you everywhere in no time. When you are planning to go on a solo tour around the island you must visit Punta Sur and the geyser at Hoyo Soplador. From El Centro just drive south to and you will get there in the end. Passing by Palm tree forests and the beautiful rough east coastline of San Andres.

Punta Sur and Hoyo Soplador

Punta Sur means the most south point of the island and offers you a nice view over the Caribbean Sea and the island. Close to Punta Sur is the Hoyo Soplador or blowing hole that spits out water into the air. The seawater that it spouts gets as high as 20 meters because of the pressure it builds up between the coral rocks. The natural water fountain only spouts its stream of water in certain times of the year when the winds and tide are aligned. Ask the locals if it is the right time. After sightseeing Hoyo Soplador you can grab a snack at restaurante Punta Sur. There is not much else to do than shop the local souvenire shop or mingle with the locals since there is no beach, only rocks.

Surfing near Punta Sur

The Sea at Punta Sur is much rougher than at Punta Norte, therefore it is an excellent place to surf. The north of the island offers beaches and the south offers waves and rocky shores. Around New Year the waves are often so good that the surfing conditions are excellent for surf contests.


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