Johnny Cay

Johnny Cay

One of the most famous and beautiful cays around San Andres is Johnny Cay. This cay is located about one mile in front of El Centro and is sometimes called Islote Sucre, island of sugar because of it white sand beaches. The main activities on Johnny Cay are relaxing and picnicking on the beach.

Why visit Johnny Cay

Why should you visit Johnny Cay? Imagine an tiny tropical island filled with palm trees that give fresh coconuts every day, add some local reggae and socca music and deep fried fish with a bottle of rum and you are living the pirates life for sure. The Island is know for its fresh coconut cocktails and offers some excellent reefs off the eastern coast. But watch out for the sea currents, as these can be dangerous. Walking around the island will take you about fifteen minutes and some local crabs to avoid. Visiting Johnny Cay is all about relaxing, beaching and relaxing.

Getting to Johnny Cay

Since Johnny Cay is located in sight of El Centro’s sea view you can rent charter boats that bring you to the island for around US$ 5. Are you with a big group then you can probably bargain the price down. Visiting the island in the high season can be a little bit of a hassle since it is packed with Colombians, but then again Colombians are friendly and always in for a talk.


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