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La Piscinita on San Andrés

La piscinita
If you enjoy the water and like to swim like a fish between fish you cannot skip La Piscinita on the west coast of San Andrés. La Piscinita is truly a magical places formed by the forces of nature. It is located on the west coast and called one of the best spots to snorkel and dive. You will probably spend your day under water if you arrive here.

Snorkeling at La Piscinita

Nature’s forces formed a rock formation that looks like a natural pool locked in cliffs. The shallow and warm water is crystal clear and full of tropical fish since they are safe here from predators and sea currents. You will see a great variety of sea life in all different colors of the rainbow. If you are lucky you might even see some baby sharks and turtles. The water is so calm the locals call it a bath. You can jump of the cliffs or use the stairs down to the basin. If you forgot your snorkeling gear no worries you can rent it at the nearby restaurant “West View”. The restaurant also offers some great seafood and local cocktails, but don’t drink too much else you will be singing with the fishes.

Directions to La Piscinita

Getting to La Piscinita is easy as it is located on the circular road that follows the islands coastline. You will find the place on the west side of the island near the middle. You can take a buss from El Centro or La Loma that will take you in around 20 minutes to one of the best snorkeling places on San Andrés.

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