Nightlife in San Andres

Nightlife San Andres

The nightlife in San Andres is growing every year. More and more bars and clubs are opening its doors to supply the tourist demands for a drink and dance. Depending on what you are looking for and your budget the nightlife of San Andres will certainly not disappoint you. We summed up a few clubs, lounges and bars for you that are worth the visit if you are out for a dance, drink and some nighttime fun.

Nightlife clubs

The biggest and most famous club/disco in town is Blue Deep. In high season it is open 7 days a week and offers live music ranging from Salsa, reggaeton to techno and house music. The floor is filled with tourist and locals enjoying the night. Don’t bring to many clothes since it is really getting hot in this club, the temperature rises with the hour. After some dances you might want to relax and drink something in a more laidback club, Banzai is the place to be. Banzai is an cocktail bar which is popular with the locals and offers an chic, fancy but relax ambiance.

Searching for the right beach party? Maybe La KY is the spot for you; this lounge aka bar looks imported right from Miami Beach. The open-air club draws the high rollers, so bring your money to pay the bills. Want something cheaper then Extasis is a good alternative for some lounging and drinking. Some other places worth to visit are BIG MAMA Original Reggae Bar and Coco Loco Disco Bar.

Bisexual nightlife

It is not yet fully accepted in Colombia but people don’t make a point of the fact two of the same sex can be together. One of the clubs you might want to visit is the bar/disco name Kiss Me. This club brings all kinds of people and you will find a lot of locals.

Restaurants and bars

The main town El Centro is packed with bars and restaurants. Most of these places stay open till midnight with some bars till 02:00 a.m. It is not hard to find a good place just ask a local or hotel staff member for the place to drink and party as this changes on every day of the week.

Top clubs in San Andres

These are the most fun clubs to go in the evening to have a laugh, drink and dance with local people or tourists.

Coco Loco Disco Bar
Adres: Av. Colombia fte tres casitas, Zona Rosa, San Andrés town

BIG MAMA Original Reggae Bar
Adres: Avenida Circunvalar Sector Cove Km 11+500, San Andrés town

LightHouse Lounge Bar
Adres: Avenida Colombia Calle 1 No. 11a-4, Sector Hansa, San Andrés town


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