Restaurants and local cuisine

Fresh seafood
The restaurants on San Andres serve food for every stomach. All the meals carry a Creole Caribbean influence that is rich of seafood and fruits such a breadfruit and baked bananas. The traditional San Andres meal is definitely the “rundown” or “rondon” as the locals call it. This is a soup made of lightly battered fish, plantains, yucca and other goeey starches. The soup is then slowly cooked in coconut milk, this makes it a healthy meal compared to the fried patacones or other fried dishes. We have selected a few restaurants that are worth visiting in different price ranges and cuisine styles.

Seafood restaurants

We selected three seafood restaurants that serve tasty fish dishes. They are all located in San Andres town (El Centro) and range in price from expensive to cheap.

Restaurant La Regatta

This is an expensive seafood restaurant that service high quality food. Many people reviewed this restaurant as the best of the island and we know why. The coconut-curry marinera is a delight for the mouth and stomach. The restaurant looks like the inside and outside of a pirate ship that Henry Morgan used to smuggle goods and steal priceless treasures from the Spanish. The prices of the fish dishes range from 25.000-100.000 pesos but are well worth the money. La Regatta is located on Av. Newball they serve lunch and diner from Monday till Saturday.

Miss Celia O’Neill Taste

This is probably the best seafood restaurant after La Regatta. The prices are a little bit cheaper but the dishes are just as delicious. It is also the place where you have to eat the traditional “rondon” and other native dishes such as stewed crab and fish. The colorful walls and a garden view strengthen the nice ambiance in the restaurant. This restaurant is the place to be for native food! Miss Celia O’Neill Taste is located on Av. Colombia, across the street from Club Nautico. Dish prices range from 20.000-60.000 pesos.

Fisherman Place

Are you hungry for lobster, fried fish or a rondon than Fisherman Place is the restaurant to go! This restaurant is operated by local fisherman’s were they sell the catch of the day. The fish and shellfish are fresh and cooked in traditional ways. The place is not only right on the beach but is also very cheap. You can get a dish for 10.000 pesos! The lobster is a little bit more expensive but when the season is right you can get it for 30.000 pesos. Fishermans Place is located on Av. Colombia on the beachside.

Roland roots restaurant

Italian, Thai and European style restaurants

We can only suggest going to one of the restaurants above since they serve traditional dishes and fresh fish every day. But if you are hungry for spaghetti or some noodles then we know the place to go for you.

Mr Panino

There are more Italian restaurants in town but this is one of the best if you compare quality and price. The dishes range from 20.000-60.000 pesos and are close to being real Italian. You can expect delicious Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, different panini’s, pasta, risotto and a San Andres Carpaccio made from fresh octopus. The restaurant is located on Edifico Breadfruit 106-107. Open on 7 days a week serving lunch and diner.

Mahi Mahi thai restaurant

Its curry time! This place serves the best curry of the island and can be found n Hotel Casablanca on Av. Colombia. The prices are cheap ranging from 20.000-55.000 pesos and the food is well worth it! The view over the water makes the diner perfect.

Gourmet Shop Assho

Try the steak here you will be thrilled! This European style restaurant offers various wines and dishes from over the world. Their specialty is definitely meat and cooked seafood. Take the coffee for desert since it is probably the best on the island. Prices range from 20.000-50.000 pesos. The Gourmet Shop Assho can be found on Av. Newball.


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