Weather in San Andres Colombia

Weather in San Andres
Weather in San Andres is beautiful 365 days a year. The San Andres Is land is located on 12° degrees on the Northern hemisphere, which means that it is close to the equator. And every country close to the equator has a stable climate with only two season; a wet and dry season. A common saying in San Andres is; everyday is a beach day.

Climate and weather

Since San Andres is located so close to the equator it has a tropical climate with high temperatures and a high humidity. The seasons do not change like winter and summer in the north. No in San Andres you only have the wet season and the dry season. The wet season kicks in around June/July and ends in October/November every year. This change of seasons from dry to wet is due to the hurricanes that pass by in the wet season. The hurricanes bring rain and wind from the east. But don’t worry San Andres is just outside the hurricane belt and most hurricanes just pass by on a safe distance, sadly the rain doesn’t. The wet season doesn’t mean rain all day but you can expect an hour of rain every day, it is also cloudier. The temperature is never below °C 20 degrees Celsius so it doesn’t really matter in which season you visit the island. The average temperature is °C 27 Celsius all year round, with peaks over °C 30 in August, September and October.


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