Daytrip to Providencia

Santa Catalina
Pack your stuff we are going on a daytrip to Providencia! And as an extra we visit Santa Catalina. The first thing you want to do before going on a daytrip is booking the earliest flight from San Andres to Providencia and the last return flight to San Andres again. This will give you around 8 hours on the island, more then enough for sightseeing and maybe some beaching.

Arriving at Providencia

The first thing you will notice from the planes air view is that the islands are really small. You will be able to walk around them following the road in a few hours. Take this as your advantage in sightseeing the island. We suggest you first visit the National Park McBean in the morning since temperatures aren’t sky high at this time of the day. You can walk around the mangroves, view the stunning barrier reef and maybe see some tropical birds and lizards. This park is an absolute highlight of the island and a must visit. After around two hours you will have seen enough and it is time to move on to your next spot.


Lovers bridge and pirates

Providencia connects to Santa Catalina by the Lovers Bridge, which is colorful and fun to cross. This gives you and a view over both the islands and the stunning bay. The islands have a relatively high elevation (highest peak is 360m) so you won’t be able to see the whole island but enough to see how small it is. When walking to Santa Catalina you can see some remains of the old English fort that protected the islands. History tells us Pirates used this islands and one of them had an infamous reputation. His name was Henry Morgan and the island still has some memorials to him such as a strange looking rock that is called Henry’s head.

Crab migration alert

Hit the beach and enjoy a fresh lobster

You must be hungry after a few hours of hiking around the island! Well the island offers a great variety of fresh caught fish! You can eat delicious red snapper, barracuda’s, crabs or lobsters in every restaurant on the island. Great lunch before you hit the beach for some tan and snorkeling. Depending on where you ate you should ask the locals for advice on which beach to go some are better for snorkeling others more suited for swimming and beaching.

Back to San Andres

The end of the day is near and you should move to the small airstrip to catch your flight back to San Andres. The nice thing is you don’t have to arrive two hours before to check in, around 15-30 minutes before is enough. Check with your airline company at what time you have to check in.

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