What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance for San Andres
The travel insurance is making sure that your holiday to San Andres stays your moment and helps out whenever running against inevitable problems. People travel around the world to see new places; this increases the risk on actions that are out of their control. With travel insurance you can insure yourself against various situations that can bring a financial hassle to your holiday. For around $5-30 you have receive direct or annual travel insurance, which covers most of the problems that you don’t want to deal with on your travels in Colombia.

Why do I need travel insurance?

Going on a vacation is for most people the best time of the year. It means you can relax, chill out and enjoy a drink without any colleagues bothering you. During any holiday nobody wants to worry about breaking a limb, losing personal items or damaging other peoples property. But what if the inevitable happens? And you get in some trouble because something happened during your vacation that was out of your own control. Luggage got lost during transfers (which happens a lot on Cartagena airport), sickness strikes, or your accommodation is falling apart. This is the time when you praise the moment that you signed the travel insurance. The travel insurance is going to help you out with those expensive hospital costs or lost suitcases, because nobody likes to walk in only one outfit the whole holiday! You insured yourself against these inevitable unpleasant things so that you can still have a nice holiday even with some setbacks. Now you know why everybody needs travel insurance.

Insure yourself of a lovely holiday with a cheap travel insurance!

How can I find the best travel insurance?

With our help you are able to find the best travel insurance within a few minutes of your precious time. We find a travel insurance that fits your vacation plans perfectly. But, before we continue to the insurance policies we need to know a couple of details about your vacation. When you answer these questions you can find the best suitable travel insurance for your journey.

  • For how many days are you planning to go on a vacation to San Andres? Choosing travel insurance always depends on the vacation time and planning. Firstly, for how many consecutive days are you going on a holiday? If the answer is below 21 days you are probably best off with direct travel insurance. This is the most budget holiday insurance for short trips. When you are going away for more than 21 days or on multiple trips in this year you are better of taking annual travel insurance.
  • Are you travelling outside the United States, United Kingdom or Europe? If the answer is yes (of course you’re going to San Andres) you will probably need worldwide travel insurance. These insurances are a little bit more expansive because the risks in foreign countries outside are higher.
  • Are you practicing extreme sports on your holiday? When you’re practicing extreme sports such a water rafting, hiking, survival or other out of the ordinary sports in Colombia you will need to add a special policy module to your basic travel insurance. This module will provide extra coverage for high-risk vacations. Going on a ski trip? Na, too cold! Then you need ski insurance, which covers ski rentals, limb injuries that prevent you from going home and for example missed ski classes because of health issues.
  • Going on a cruise through the Caribbean or any other waters around the world? Than you need a cruise insurance that covers your boat journey. Read more about it here. Don’t forget to stop at San Andres!
  • Having a sabbatical or leap year? When you’re travelling up to 18 months it is necessary to insure yourself for different situations than happen in a short trip. Therefore, the annual travel insurance isn’t covering long stay travels and you will need backpacker insurance or long stay travel insurance. These will cover your journey worldwide for an extended time period up to 18 months. Read more about them here.

Not sure which travel insurance to choose?

Are your travel plans different then we have stated above? Do you need special medical treatment during your stay? Than it is possible that you need travel insurance with various add-ons such as extra healthcare or multi trip coverage. We can help you with that on this page. Here you’re able to ask us questions about the best and cheapest travel insurances we have.

Did you know this was covered by the holiday insurance?

Some facts about travel insurances that most people aren’t aware of. The average basic insurance plan covers the following situations and financial settlements.

  • Your holiday insurance covers first aid expanses but also search and rescue operations when you or your travel partner gets missing. These operations are costly but covered in the basic travel insurance.
  • Luggage is insured against theft, loss or damage. When you lose your suitcase, backpack or other travel items on your vacation the insurance is covering for it. This way you will be able to buy new stuff to continue your travels without any delays.
  • The travel insurance covers all medical expanses such as a necessary dental visit or doctors consult about sudden health issues. It is not covering health issues that were known before the holiday.
  • Did you know the travel insurance provides a rental car when your own car breaks down during your car-holiday? Travelling has never been so easy when you’re insured. If you’re unable to drive yourself back home it is also possible to get a personal driver. The costs for this are covered by the insurance.
  • Most basic insurance policies cover recreational sports such as soccer, football, biking, swimming and others. Yet, it is not covering extreme sports such as mountain climbing, rafting or diving. You will need an extra add-on to your basic plan for that.
  • When getting an accident that is so severe it leaves permanent injury or disability the insured is receiving a matching settlement for the rest of his life.
  • Cash money is always an easy target for thieves. The travel insurance covers a certain amount of cash money that you can reclaim when stolen. You can increase the covered amount with a policy add-on.
  • Getting mixed up in a legal matter in a foreign country is always a hassle and financial culprit. With travel insurance you receive proper legal aid to guide you through the process. It also covers conflicts with travel agencies, for example when they mislead you in booking an awesome holiday accommodation that is actually a big downer.

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