Travelling to Colombia

When you are travelling to Colombia be sure to visit San Andres but don’t skip the other top destination in this beautiful undiscovered South American land. The last years Colombia’s tourism industry is developing at lightning speeds since it is getting relatively safe in the country after years of political and drugs wars. Therefore, right now is the perfect time to discover everything Colombia has to offer.

Top destinations in Colombia

We travel a lot through Colombia and can suggest you some places that are worth a visit. These places all have their own unique selling point and some are becoming top travel destinations in South America.


Bogota the Capital

Most people will start their journey into Colombia from the Capital Bogota. Don’t see this as a disappointing start since the city has lots of sightseeing spots to offer. The amazing museum like Museo del Oro and Museo Botero are probably the most famous in Colombia. Be sure to eat at Andrés Carne de Res, you will never eat as good anywhere else in Colombia. The capital Bogota is large but from the Mountain View from Cerro Monserrate will give you a nice overview.

Medellin & Pablo Escobar

Medellin is the second city of Colombia and has great spots to learn Spanish, relax in various bars and restaurants. But most of the entire city is famous because of the Colombia drug lord Pablo Escobar. The city is full of buildings and villa’s of the almost president of Colombia. You can take a tour through the city or go to the Pablo Escobar Historical Tour of Medellin and visit the mansion outside the city.

Park Tayrona

Taganga & Parque Tayrona

National Park Tayrona is the most famous national park of Colombia. It is a stunning nature reserve that offers wild jungle hikes and idyllic beaches with crystal clear Caribbean water. You can plan your hikes from the city of Taganga that is located next to the National park. Read more about the Parqua Tayrona hike. Taganga itself is a laidback village that offers many tourist facilities, great beaches and restaurants. The ambiance in Taganga is all about vacation.

Cali Colombia

The western city of Cali is probably most famous for learning salsa dancing. The city offers various salsa bars and the must visit is Zaperoco. You can also enjoy the laidback atmosphere of the various arts & culture neighborhoods.


Cartagena is the largest city on the Caribbean coast and is a popular vacation destination of any Colombian. You can visit the old town, which has unique colonial architecture, or visit the fort that was used to protect the city against pirates. Just outside the city you can find a couple of bounty beaches that are worth a visit if you enjoy sunbathing and sun.