Weekend trip to San Andres

Weekend trip
For the countries close to San Andres the island might be a perfect location to spend a long weekend. Since it is such a small Island you can see everything on the island and still relax a bit in just four days. So are you looking for a weekend trip that offers relaxing, some sightseeing and lots of sun and beach then San Andres Island is the place to go! Colombians can reach the island from nearly every big city in the country, how easy is that!

How to plan your weekend trip

Lets work out a plan for your weekend trip of four days in San Andres. Your budget isn’t that much since you had to pay for an overpriced flight ticket. So these are a few good options to consider.

Day one
Since you are tired of the travel you just want to relax on the beach. The best place to go is probably the main beach of El Centro or plan a visit to Johnny Cay, El Acuario or Haynes Cay. These beaches and cays are all located just outside El Centro.

Day two
Time for some action! The island might be small but offers lot of sightseeing highlights. You can book a tour at any of the tour operators where you visit the whole island in a 32km circular trip. The tour takes you along the coastline of the island and stops at touristic highlights like Morgan’s Cave, The Cove, The Blow Hole, West View Bathing site aka La Piscinita. La Piscinita is a great place to stop and relax in the crystal clear water, just snorkel around and enjoy the sun.

Day three
Next to El Centro there are two villages on San Andres that might be fun to visit. They are both really small so this is the best trip you can do; taking the east road down to La Loma. This village offers cultural and traditional architecture and a stunning viewpoint over the Caribbean Sea and San Andres. After one or two hours follow the road to San Luis, San Luis is a substituted in smaller size of El Centro. You can enjoy the white sand beach here and still have all the facilities like restaurants and bars.

Day Four
This is your last day on the island and must be well spend. Since the shopping centre is duty-free the prices are amazing on perfumes, liquor, jewelry, cameras, phones and other luxury items. But before we go there you can hit the main beach again since it is next to the shopping center. If you are a shop-a-holic you should go to the downtown shopping area immediately.

On your weekend trip don’t forget..

Don’t forget to bring your camera, bathing suit, sun cream, passport, water shoes (because of the dead coral on many beaches, it hurts your feet), phone and good attitude. If you think you missed something you can check back at our website on your phone since it is mobile compatibility, just find an restaurant with WiFi.

2 thoughts on “Weekend trip to San Andres

  1. Rodrigo

    Hey readers,

    I live in Medellin and visited San Andres a couple of times and can’t wait to go back. If you book your flight in the right time it can be really cheap around 50k pesos, not bad he! Book a cheap accommodation and do your groceries at the supermercado and your daily budget near to nothing. My last trip was for 3 nights and I only spend 290k pesos!
    Nos vemos en san andres!

  2. Harold H

    I know that not all travelers leave a review if they do at all or give a proper shout out to the source of information they got on which was helpful on their vacation, so here am I doing so. To start off my name is Harold, I recently went to San Andres last week from September 24th to the 27th on vacation for the first time since I was a kid accompanied by my girlfriend, let me just say it was beyond incredible. My girlfriend and I have been doing our research for months and weeks in anticipation till when our vacation will finally arrive and when it finally did, we were left stunned. The beauty of San Andres is indescribable and the natives and people including merchants and guides are just so humble and authentic, it’s something we never felt before and it was quite refreshing. I’d just like to say that I love that I stumbled upon your site and read up on every little detail because trust me it helped as far as it could out there, from the attractions to the restaurants to the little details of the island. The insight on your website is spot on and it is quite awesome to know readers and especially travelers can rely on such a good source of information prior to their trip to San Andres. Just want to say keep doing what you guys are doing because it was a great help to me and my girlfriend, and trust me we loved all the food and recommendations, there was not one spot we didn’t visit or one activity we didn’t do that wasn’t on your site. Just amazing so thank you very much!

    P.S. I’ve recommended friends and family to visit and use your site, just such a great and reliable source!

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