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Colombia travel guide
Since travelling around the world can be difficult without proper guidance we would like to help you in the right direction. There are many travel guides available that will get you around in any place, you will visit the top highlights and eat in the restaurants they recommend. But are these traveling tips going to give you the holiday you imagined? We think that the best tips and places are available but you will have to search deeper than reading a Lonely Planet or Frommers travel bible. To help you find that one place tourist didn’t ruined we have some awesome travel guides for you.
Colombia Facil

Colombia Fácil

Are you looking for the right guide to Colombia that really knows what they are talking about? Try Colombia Fácil’s travel guide, Colombia Fácil offers a pocket-sized travel guide for Colombia which can be found digitally online at the website From this website tourists can use the link to read the e-book for free on their tablet or Smartphone as well. The guide is full of tips, highlights, how to get there, photos and accommodations. The guide is available in English and Spanish.

South America Backpacker

When you are backpacking through Colombia you probably want to travel on budget and visit the top destinations of the country. This is sometimes hard quest since places that are mentioned in the Lonely Planet suddenly raise their prices and become tourist hotspots. Yet, there is so much more to see and learn in Colombia than meets the eye. One of the great online travel guides that offers unique ways to experience Colombia is South America Backpacker. You can read more about Colombia on their website

Bunch of Backpackers

Bunch of Backpackers is a personal travel blog focused on independent traveling and adventure. The website has a useful tips and tricks section, but also offers inspirational destination articles. The founder of Bunch of Backpackers, Manouk has traveled all over the world and will soon leave again for another backpacking trip. On Bunch of Backpackers you will also find a post about Costs of Backpacking in Colombia. Read more on the budget of backpacking in Colombia here;

Latin Travel Guide

This up to date travel website offers great information about Colombia. The websites gives you sneak previews with its wonderful pictures and a proper guidance to the right and most fun places. Take a look at their website on;


If you are going to travel around Colombia be sure to check out The owner did a journey on his motorcycle passing all the great cities of Colombia, the natural scenic areas, cultural sites and tourist hotspots. For tourist travelling off the main hotspots in Colombia this is a blog to read. Along his motorcycle journey he wrote a 359-page travel guide on Bogotá and the North Coast of Colombia named “Explorer Travel Guide” which is free for download on his website!

When you are a Dutch traveller searching for information about Colombia and San Andres. We can suggest the Dutch Colombian website to be a handy and useful source of travel information for the country.


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