Travelling to San Andres

Getting to San Andres
Location of San Andrés

Travelling to San Andrés is not one of the easiest trips in the world. The island is located in a pretty remote location of the Caribbean Sea. The nearest mainland is Nicaragua in Central America at a distance of around 145 miles.

While San Andrés is part of Colombia the mainland is far away at almost 500 miles! The most common ways for traveling to San Andrés is by cruise ship, sailboat or airplane. Caribbean cruises often stop at San Andrés to let the people relax and dive in the waters around the island. Flying is the fastest and cheapest option to get there, but can only be done from the mainland Colombia, Panama or Costa Rica.

When you are going on a trip or excursion around the island to one of its many cayes you will travel in a water taxi or speedboat.

How do you want to travel to San Andrés?

Flights to San Andrés
Flights to San Andrés

At the moment there are only two options for travelling to San Andrés Colombia;

  • Flying to San Andrés from Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota or Cali in Colombia or from Panama City or San Jose in Costa Rica.
  • The other option is taking the sailboat to San Andrés. But this is currently to dangerous because of pirates controlling the sea’s around Nicaragua. Maybe in the future the sailcharters will sail again to San Andrés!

Ship Captains to San Andrés

Water Taxi
Water taxi’s in San Andrés

Are you in the possession of a sailboat and sailing the Caribbean? Then chartering people from the mainland to San Andrés might be an adventure for you and the passengers. If you offer such kind of service we would like to list your ship services for free on our website. Contact us now for the listing of your sailboat service.


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2 thoughts on “Travelling to San Andres

  1. Floor Elize


    We – Daniele and Floor from Rome and Amsterdam – are interested to sail to San Andres or Providencia from Cartagena, along with people who are planning to sail this route with their boat in the beginning of February 2020. We have limited sailing experience but willing to learn (and have Italian cooking skills :)) ! Hope to hear more about the feasibility of this option through this site.
    Best, Floor

  2. Tobias Grütter


    Same here; I would love to sail to San Andrés from e.g. Cartagena. I have sailing experience also in the Caribbean already but my Spanish is limited. Happy to discuss further details.

    Best, Tobias

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